About Me 

You got your boo thang, you got the ring, and now you're looking for me... Haaayyy! Here's the thing I have actually been waiting for you. Some how you got here which tells me all I need to know. You & your partner love to have fun, are madly in love and you want a photographer who is down for the ride. Well let's get familiar.

Hay there! It's Angie Rich(ardson) your South Texas Wedding, Elopement, and portrait photographer. Which means I basically photograph all the parts of your life. Sometimes I hide in bushes timing a surprise proposal just right or you can find me doing the robot on the dance floor as I capture grandpa breaking it down to the song brick house. Doesn't matter what part of life your in every moment deserves infinite remembrance.

I remember when I was about 7 years old when I got my first Polaroid camera. It started off with selfies (before selfies were a thing) I always some how captured myself perfectly but when it came to others I would cut off their heads. Whoops! Then the digital age struck and your girl upgraded to a point and shoot and the rest is history. I've been photographing my family and friends ever since.

As a military wife of 7+ years now I've come accustom to making new friends with total strangers and moving often. If there is anyone that make you feel like you've known them for years after just meeting, it's me. I'm that girl. 

About Angie

no. 1

Im a sucker for 1st dances & funny vows

My Life in photos

No. 2

get to know your texas photographer

My husband & I Eloped at the courthouse

i also love being in front of the camera

I have 2 yrs of experience in social media marketing

i have a degree in criminal studies. Hence why i'm a crime junkie.

my boys are 14 months apart. I did the 2 under 2 thang. someone give me a badge!

San antonio born & raised

My kiddos austin & Westin

7 years strong

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Words from friends

no. 3

 "She was such a fun spirit to be around and my husband and I felt like we could be completely ourselves the entire time. Genuine, down to earth and easy going. A joy to work with and we made a new friend..."