From SAHM to full time photographer

Howdy I'm Angie your Texas wedding and portrait photographer. For the past 8 years I've been chasing around love birds like yourself documenting love stories and creating legacies worth re-sharing for decades.

no. 1


my why, somethin' heart felt

I grew up being documented and documenting every aspect of my life. Some of my most fondest childhood memories are those caught on photographs. Through the years I've lost loved ones and the only thing that slightly heals me are the photos I have left to remember them by. 

My passion is photography and all the little moments that aren't always seen by others. They say photographers have a gift to capture the emotion thats often forgotten over time and thats what drives me to document and preserve those moments for others.

photographs are our legacies

My Life in photos

No. 2

A Look Inside
My Life—

this is my husband q of 8 years. We got married after 6 months of dating. perfect example of when you know, you know.

I always wanted to become a lawyer. I went to college and got my degree in criminal studies just to become a photographer.

This is my family. We have two wild little boys + a dog.

Honestly I think being a lawyer would of stole my joy. Documenting love fills my cup.

Especially with my clients. they become life long friends.

I cherish friendships..

I sometimes like to model too. 

ready, set, go!

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