Here to help you find the editing style that brings photographs to life. This preset pack comes with the Rich Presets, 4 light modifiers, 2 film presets, 3 black and whites and 10 bonus tool modifiers.

Golden, Warm, & Rich Colors

compatible with
lightroom Desktop

AR Presets for Lightroom

Warm & Moody LR Presets for the storytelling photographer



1. Regular

2. Regular Warm

3. Direct Sun

4. Blue Hour

5. Flash

6. Film Cool

7. Film Warm

8. B&W

9. Film B&W

10. Western

A crushing black, color enhancing base preset that works for all lighting scenarios. The colors are intensified creating a moody, storytelling feeling to your images.

Regular with extra warmth and color for those gloomy situations.

The modifier deepens and warms skin tones and blues in harsh lighting scenarios. This helps keep your photos cohesive to that moody warm style. 

Twilight tends to be more rich in color. This modifier lightly intensifies the blacks + shadows and gives more vibrance to your colors.   

Flash tends to wash out colors and brighten your highlights. This modifier brings your images back cooling your highlights and adding more color.

Keeping the moody feel this film presets brings the softness, subtle warmth and film grain. The tones have a green tint to the blacks.

This modifier brings the softness, extra warmth, and grain. The tones have a orange and yellow hue to the blacks. Giving you that retro film feel.

Clean and classy black and white. This black and white intensifies the shadows and black, keeping the whites bright and soft.

A black and white look with a film feel. This black and white turns any image, timeless.

My love for western art lead me to creating this sepia, soft, film presets. This preset gives a unique and creative perspective to any photo.

This pack contains 5 variations of my base presets created for different lighting scenarios. Well balanced, direct sunlight, flash and blue hour. Two film variations and three unique black and whites. These presets enhance color, boost the contrast and bring images to life. I also included 7 tools I use to speed up my workflow.

✷ AR1 Regular
✷ AR2 Regular Warm
✷ AR3 Direct Sun
✷ AR4 Blue Hour
✷ AR5 Flash
✷ AR6 Film Cool
✷ AR7 Film Warm
✷ AR 8 B&W
✷ AR 9 Film B&W
✷ AR 10 Western



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