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WE all have a starting point in our Photography journey and sometimes it can be tough. I to have struggled with learning the in's and out's of running a photography business full time. Yes, gear matters but your education and the knowledge you bring in each client EXPERIENCE matters too. Over the years i have spent thousands of dollars into growing my knowledge and experimenting in what works and what does not. I'm here to share my RESOURCES with you and the tips and tricks that have helped me scale my business.

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ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW to BUILD A SOCIAL PRESENCE, revamp your editing OR GETTING MORE FAMILIAR WITH YOUR CAMERA GEAR. This zoom chat is perfect to work one on one and GROW your knowledge in marketing, branding and CONSISTENCY within your business. I can help teach you methods that have worked for me and my BUSINESS.

the zoom chat

$200 | per hour


q&A call

A perfect way to talk about camera gear, editing software, presets, social media, programs i use in my business and much more. during our call we can GO OVER THE QUESTIONS YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO ASK. TOGETHER WE CAN NAVIGATE & REVIEW THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS MODEL TO MAKE THE CHANGES THAT WILL INCREASE POTENTIAL CLIENT VISIBILITY.

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$100 | per hour

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